Love your skin well with the Bellabaci Bambinos, created to get in closer underneath the eyes and to volumize your lips!

Each Bellabaci Set contains 2 high grade silicone cups = 

1 x soft cup (for light to medium depth massage)

1 x hard cup (for medium to deep tissue massage

Guaranteed usage of 2 years if used as directed

The negative pressure from the cup helps to address all that puffiness and signs of ageing, right from day 1! Remember, always keep the cups moving and apply enough oil to assist with the smooth and ultra-relaxing glide of the cups.

How to use the Bellabaci Bambino Massage Cups?

Apply your Bellabaci Genie massage oil or use your facial cleanser to facilitate movement. 

Squeeze the cup in the middle and set it down on your skin. Immediately start to glide from the midline, outwards towards your hairline on both sides. 

The Bellabaci Cups are superior, and the original hand-squeezable cupping massage system used around the world today in prestige spas and at home

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