Each Bellabaci Set contains 2 high-grade silicone cups

1 x soft cup (for light to medium depth massage)

1 x hard cup (for medium to deep tissue massage

Guaranteed usage of 2 years if used as directed

Why use The Bellabaci Body Cups?

Bellabaci International is the creator of the hand-squeezable cupping massage system. Our therapy is based on the traditional modality of Stationary Cupping, but with a modern twist. and will help save your wrists!

Although beneficial, Stationary Cupping should be combined with, or transition to massage cupping. Gliding the cups over the body provides better coverage and faster results. 

Cupping Therapy has been the go-to treatment for many athletes around the world as seen with Michael Phelps during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Sporting his cup marks (we call them kisses!) did well to raise awareness of this wonderful therapy.

Stationary, also referred to as Placement Cupping, is an ancient treatment used to address many conditions. The practitioner places a glass cup on a specific area for a maximum of 10 minutes. The main aim is to create negative pressure which causes the circulation to surge and reach areas of stagnation. The cup is then removed and follow up treatments will be necessary.  An interesting fact about cupping is that its development leads to the discovery of the breast pump. It was also the first tool ever used by doctors. 

Cupping therapy has been modernized to include treatment of skin conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks. Many celebrities today use cupping therapy as a daily part of their lifestyle.

The Bellabaci Cups are extremely easy to use.

How to use your Bellabaci Cups 

As we always say, regularity is key! Massaging your target areas 7 days a week for 1 minute is better than massaging once a week for 7 minutes. 

FYI: Your skin needs to be lubricated well with oil or shower gel. The “slip” of the massage medium allows the cup to glide freely and easily. 

Use your cups in:

  • The Shower

Lather up well, squeeze the cup in the middle and set down.

Step 1:  Move the cup from ankle to knee, knee to groin etc. 

Say it with me: Lather up, squeeze, set the cup down, now glide! Easy peasy.

Step 2:  Follow with some smashing circles and end off again with step 1. 2 to 5 minutes per area will do just fine.

  • Any loungy-sit down area – Think couch in front of your TV, bed, even the kitchen floor of you have to!

Apply your chosen Genie in a Bottle massage lotion, enough to give a beautiful gloss. Squeeze the cup in the middle, set down and let’s go!

Step 1:  Glide the cup from just above your ankle to knee, knee to groin etc. 

Say it with me: Oil up, squeeze, set the cup down, now glide! 

Step 2:  

Follow with circular movements and end off again with step 1. 2 to 5 minutes per area will do just fine.

Our finest suggestion:

Do use your soft cup (you’ll know the strength just by squeezing the cups) for 1 whole month, before reaching for the hard cup. 

And why, you may ask?

We believe in treating the body holistically, from the outside in. Your skin needs some time to strengthen up, so be gentle, a little actually does a lot! For the near future, keep your soft cup for the more fragile areas such as bingo wings, inside of the thigh and tummy. But do roll out your hard cup for that deep tissue feel you’ve been craving on your back!

Taking care of your cups:

Be sure to wash your cups after each use with detergent soap. Do not leave the cups in the shower as your cups may become cloudy and hard. Do not use the cups with a mineral or tissue oil. Petroleum-based oils will cause your cups to harden and eventually break. That’s some unnecessary sadness right there.


Product Use

Abdominal/Digestive Health, Anti-Aging, Cellulite Treatment, Circulation, Pain Relief, Stress & Depression


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