A  15 ml special blend of essential oil containing the finest in what Essential Oil ingredients have to offer.

Aromatherapy is a well-known treatment modality to help support the body during times of physical and emotional stress.

How to use The Bellabaci Muscle Support Essential Oil Concentrate:

Add 2 drops to supercharge your moisturizer

Add 2-5 drops to your bath

Use as a pulse point treatment by applying 1 drop to your wrists

Use as a natural perfume (preferably where it won’t be exposed to the sun)

Essential Oil enters the blood stream and cells within  2 minutes, providing a fast health and wellness boost for body, mind and soul. Essential oils are also packed with nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants, helping the body to ward off attacks by assisting the immune system. Studies also show that essential oil affects the emotions as the molecules reaches the brain in 22 seconds. This brings about feelings of calmness as it uplifts the spirit and clears the mind brings about balance to the emotions.


• Black Cumin Seed Oil

• Arnica Oil

• Katafray Essential Oil

• Eucalyptus Essential Oil

• Lavender Essential Oil

• Marjoram Essential Oil

• May Chang Essential Oil

• Peppermint Essential Oil

• Wintergreen Essential Oil

Disclaimer and Contraindications: Do not use in your first trimester of pregnancy and avoid during lactation. The Bellabaci Muscle Support Essential Oil Concentrate does not replace any medical treatment as prescribed to you by your overseeing doctor. Avoid if allergic to any of the ingredients, do not expose to the sun and check with your doctor if you have any diagnosed medical conditions before using this Genie.


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