Bellabaci International is the original creator of the hand-squeezable cupping massage system for face and body, used by thousands of luxury spas and at home, around the globe. We are passionate about bringing you a natural solution for all your beauty and wellness needs.

This treatment modality is just what you need to broaden your therapist horizons and grow with the ever-changing developments in the Health and Beauty Industry. Cupping Therapy is an ancient alternative therapy, which many clients today turn to for their concerns. Using the glass cups can prove difficult and is usually only done by an Acupuncturist. The Bellabaci System was created for the professional, massage therapist to offer a respite to your wrists while still creating a wonderful and relaxing treatment.

With the all-new Super Cup, you can look forward to:

  • Faster Results
  • Superficial to deep therapy treatments achieved by just manually regulating the suction of the cup. (hand-squeezing).
  • Ease of use on larger areas
  • Easy handling of the cup (save your wrists!)
  • No overheads and expenses.
  • Travel-friendly for mobile therapists
  • Investing in the Bellabaci Super Cup Training Kit, allows you access to The Bellabaci Online Team for assistance, the Super Cups, a step by step DVD and a manual containing all the research, treatment protocols, do’s and don’ts you need to offer the Bellabaci Signature Treatments

The complete super cups training kit, which includes:

2 super cups | 2 soft body cups | 2 hard body cups | 1 soft facial cups | 1 soft Bambino | A 45 min DVD | A training manual | A travel bag

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