Super-sized life? Use the Super-Size Bellabaci Cups!

  • Less time spent
  • Magnificent sensation on the back 
  • Great choice for larger areas
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect depth for muscle work
  • Travel-friendly 

Use The Super Cups in the shower or bath with your shower-gel.  Or switch on your favorite TV series, and give it a go for 5 minutes per area. We recommend using your cups with the recommended Bellabaci Genie in a Bottle.

Cupping massage can also help with product penetration, ensuring that you achieve the most from your specialized treatment product.

Using your Cups are easy. 

Apply your massage medium to allow free-glide for the cup. 

Squeeze the cup lightly and set it on your skin

Set the cup down on your treatment area

Release your grip and voila, suction is achieved. 

Now, it’s time to glide 

We want to respect how the body is made, so ensure that you work towards the heart. EG: 

Ankles to knees

Knees to groin

Lower arms to elbow bend

Elbow bend to shoulder

Tummy – the right hip is the right place to start. Glide the cup to just under the right ribcage, move across to the left and follow down to the left hip bone.

Gliding your Cup:

Make it fun and draw circles, zigzags and whatever else feels good for 2-5 minutes per area.


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